Isnin, 2 Mac 2009


Spot on Karpal!.

UMNO Youth should go and force Annuar Musa, The UMNO Faction who supported Idris Jusoh, Mat Taib The Princess Snatcher and many other Malays who is their own blood to openly apologises for years of ‘kurang ajar’ to the King and Sultans. If not, they are just nothing and I have to agree wholeheartedly with Karpal.

This is the brand of UMNO that majority of Malaysian rejects.

If we expect for them to change, what happened in Parliament yesterday proved that they yet to change.

If the new blood in UMNO, the Youth Wing is leading this new negative brand for UMNO, than for those few who still hope for a change in UMNO, I can just say this, FORGET IT.

UMNO is just heading towards “KECELAKAAN”.

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